CCP Fozzie


Caught up with CCP Fozzie at Eve North East 2017 and got to have a pretty chill chat.

CCP Archduke


I caught up with CCP Archduke one of the Eve Online GM’s  at Eve North East 2017 and get some insight into the offensive names petitions board.

CCP Savior


(we bring you this picture of Harambe until CCP Savior gets us a picture)


We sit down with CCP Savior from the Art Department of CCP Games and get some insight into how the art wizardry functions. (This is coming to you raw and uncut)

Best of us prestentaion

Presentation material

CCP Manifest



We talk to CCP Manifest about his time at CCP Games and delve into what it’s like keeping this crazy PR train on the tracks.

Check out some of Manifests work he’s done speaking at Fanfest!

New Eden is not internet spaceships –

Cap boosting your EVE-


CCP Bettick

CCP Bettick interview pic

A great start to the podcast CCP Uncloaked!

J  Mcclain interviews CCP Bettick about his time at CCP as a developer of New Eden. He uncovers Bettick’s most embarrassing moment at CCP and then unveils the developer’s experience immigrating to America. It’s a flawless interview and must listen for those into EVEONLINE Podcasts.


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